The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch


JT’s are committed to supporting various charities and community groups to assist in raising funds for those in need. One event that really touched our hearts was ‘The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch’ . The event was coordinated by Sonya from Eco Tan and a team of friends who wanted to do all that they could to help one family in particular – after hearing about their story from a friend who recently visited Romania.

Lonela’s Story 

Lonela is a single mother of five daughters. She couldn’t read or write. To earn money to feed her family, she was working for the fishermen and fisheries digging through dirt for worms, 13 hours per day! Sadly, Lonela hadn’t seen her eldest daughter smile in three years.

They had no running water, toilet, shower, food, shoes or beds. Their ‘house’, if you could even call it that, had no doors or windows.

It was after hearing this story that Sonya and Kerry decided to host a fundraising event to help this family. Many people and brands volunteered to provide catering, entertainment and donate funds for the event and together through ticket sales, raffles and donations, the group were able to raise $9000 for Lonela and her girls! EVERY cent of this money will go directly to the family.


So far, The Joy Givers have…

  • Raised money to have a window fitted to protect the girls during the cold winter months in Romania.
  • Provided new bunk beds and bedding for the family so they no longer have to sleep in old chairs or on boards.
  • Sent over clothes, shoes (and gum boots) to protect them from the cold weather. Lonela and her eldest daughter had been sharing one coat up until now.
  • Sent over medical kits to help with the children’s fevers and illnesses.
  • Provided a new fridge and food.
  • Since the girls don’t always attend school in the winter months because of the snow and weather conditions, the group arranged a new TV for them.
  • Lonela has recently got a job as a kitchen hand now and can now afford to learn to read and write with the help of a tutor.

The generosity of everyone involved with The Joy Giver’s Soiree Lunch has clearly changed this family’s life in so many ways. JT’s Coconut Essence were so proud to be a part of such a special event.

The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch
The Joy Givers Soiree Lunch